Release on Switch

Hey there, I noticed on Steam there’s an official release date for the 12 march now. Is this the same date for the Switch release or is it gonna be released later? If it’s only released a few days or weeks later I’m gonna wait.

I’m asking this because this is the kind of games I prefer to play on a portable console, and I hate playing games on my phone, so the Switch would be ideal. In fact I played a ton of hours of Siralim 3 on my Switch. I loved the game so much I bought it a second time on Steam, but then almost always played it on my Switch anyways even when I was home.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

The Switch release is still far away, I personally wouldn’t count on it being this year.

Yeah Zack says he hopes for a Q3 or Q4 release for consoles, but it might take longer.