Reminder: Early Steam Reviews really help the Developer

Getting a lot of positive early Steam Reviews helps to improve visibility for a game and can have a higher impact on the audience a game is able to reach. (Steam’s engine is much more likely to recommend Siralim 3 to a user who plays similar games if Siralim 3 has a ton of positive reviews.)

Therefore, if you are enjoying the game, please take the time to write a brief review!

Just left a review after the game itself prompted me. Even though the game itself is now shaming me for doing you-know-what

Anyone get a load of the negative review from the one crazy guy with a chip on his shoulder? I honestly don’t think I could be a game dev.

You have to focus on the positive. 98% positive is fantastic!

Zack has the right attitude, you can’t please everyone.

Once I’m done with the campaign and real life’y stuff I’ll be posting a review, don’t you worry. If we make sure that Zack (ALL HAIL!) makes a billion, then we might get Siralim the Fourth. Keep the dream alive people!

Also, that negative commentor guy really needs to learn how to chill. Jheez!