Remove Rage from Random Buff Statue

So, using the angel statues is generally purely for your own benefit, except for one case I’ve noticed…the random buff blessing.

Now, I’m alright with getting buffs that are situationally useless, like getting splash on my tank. Or getting buffs that may backfire in specific instances, like getting Mend when a team has a Mutant Swampdweller in it. What I can’t abide by, though, is how often I get the Rage buff on my attackers and they proceed to do nothing but flail uselessly at the enemy for the entire battle. I may just be extremely unlucky with this, but it’s gotten to the point where I’ve learned to immediately portal out and back in whenever I get this blessing to ensure the statue stops “helping” me in this manner. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the intended reaction.

Before the latest patch that included a change of mechanic for taunt, that was also really fun getting on your blood dance user or main damage dealer and so on, lol

Yeah, I would have included that, but it’s the one good thing about the Taunt nerf, lol.