Remove some spells from Wolpertingers [Suggestion]

Volcanic Wolpertinger:
Anger. This spell sucks. Cast it twice on the same creature, and you have a useless creature.
Cast #1: Attack gets set to Int, Def goes down 50%, Int gets set to 1.
Cast #2: Attack gets set to Int (which is now 1), so both Attack and Int are 1, Def goes down another 50%.

Flame Lash. Not nearly as bad as Anger, but it can create unwinnable situations, especially for repeated casting. At least you still have Intelligence/Spells though…

Vicious Wolpertinger:
Self-targeting Haste and Rabid Dementia when attacking is my biggest issue.
They work when they are cast on retaliation to an attack, but when Wolper is attacking, they don’t do much.

Other spells in the Sorcery book don’t do much either.
Identify Creature
Counterspell - enemies always seem to take single-digit damage, if any at all. For reference, Magic Missile does more damage.
Extinguish - I’ve never seen it kill anything with a random Wolpertinger cast.
Timewalk - doesn’t do much unless the enemy has a debuff. If the enemy has mend or an on-turn trait/effect, it actually helps them.

I haven’t tried Vile Wolpertinger, for fear of these spells:
Does it cast Dark Ritual? If so, can it eat itself? I already know this was an issue with cast on/when hit Dark Rituals.
Blood Shield may also pose problems.
Death Siphon seems like another recipe for disaster.
Graft Bone may kill a creature.
Can it cast Sudden Death?