Renko's ideas for Siralim 3- nothing big just some small things

Hello everyone, (It’s me renko from the discord) this is my thread of ideas for siralim 3

my mind is a big mess so it’s hard for me to memorize all my ideas now and write them down so I might add more ideas in the thread later

Something I feel really strongly about is enemies dropping their items or spell gems
not all the time
maybe as a perk to buy
so that you have a chance to get that nice item they’re using against you
or have another source of spell gems-
fighting caster monsters (mind that it should probably be fixed that monsters sometimes spawn with spell gems that do not exist, such as from the grimoires)

sounds interesting, will be hard to code.

whats the discord again?

dam, i was looking for it , but its at the top right of the forum lol