Reporting late game issue (over 50 hour) and suggestions

Here is a serious isse:
When I was level 200 I could win Sigil level 9 easily with my OP combination. However when I was level 400, I could not even win a level 5 Sigil. The Sigil scale up too much faster than me. Breeding is the only way to catch up the scale up with the enermies (Realm is fine). But the Power balance and stable creatures were never enough to catch up gene strength. I have only average gene strength 60 when I was level 400.

The second part is the artifacts. I need t reforge after like every 30 levels to catch up the stats.

I suggest: a new punishment to lock the charactor level and only gain experience for the creatures in team and stable, so that we can catch up gene strength. Otherwise the game will become a gene strength catch up VS charactor level up speed, which is an actually strange situation.

The second is the artifacts reforge can be more expensive like 5000 per trail but keep the percentage of the artiifact and will grow with charactor level.

Hope developer can consider this because I have played 50 hours and level 400 and I feel hard on Sigil. I feel like I would never catch up with the scale up of the Sigil enermy which makes me very sad. However this game is really awesome, and endless of combinations make you break the limits.