Reset character perks?

Hi, I’m playing a siralim game for my first time here. I chose the Sorcery character and think I made a mistake that took 30 hours to realize.

I chose to spec into “Wild Magic” which gives all my creatures 3 random spell gems that belong to their class. Sounded good early on. I want to undo this.
My issues come up when trying to make use of abilities that use a random spell from a creature. E.g. Earth Salamander: When your creatures are resurrected, they cast a one of their spells at random.

Wild Magic is adding gems that hinder this. This is especially true when at least one of the eighteen random gems added has generous so that the whole party shares it.


portion of forgetting, 30 emblems iirc from regalis once you have enough favors. 30 emblems roughly 30 realms, can run low level ones to be fast. still need to pick up emblem and complete realm quest. im not even sure. If you dont have enough favor (its still locked)- dont worry, once you have the emblems you ll have the favor as well. At best its 2 min per map i think if you allready have HoD item that makes lowbie run away. if not better get it first. since any fights on the way would be a nuiscance/ imo.

But again imo better/cheaper reconsider relying on random casts maybe. 30 emblems sorta huge. Idk up to you though.
But sincerely i too, think that perk is more of a hindrance then a boon, id go for reset. Its like chaos magic/ touch of chaos perks for chaos mage.

Good info, thank you!