Resolution/Graphics scaling issue.

Not really sure where to post this, no idea if this is really a “bug” but here goes.

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Bug? Maybe?

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My native resolution is 1360x768, while running Siralim using that resolution the graphics look super zoomed in and “off” compared to the footage I’ve seen of it. Changing my resolution to 1280x768 fixes this and makes it look like the footage/screenshots I’ve seen of it. I have attached screenshots to show the comparison.

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Windows XP SP3

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I stumbled across and purchased Siralim from the Groupees Greenlight bundle, they have yet to update their download for the game past 1.0.1, but I have downloaded the most recent demo from the website to see if that made any difference, and it doesn’t. If I have to set my resolution to 1280x768 to play the game I will, but it would be awesome if I didn’t have to.



This will be fixed after today’s upcoming patch. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the quick response and fix, and thanks for making this awesome game!