Resolution modes in 1.09

Zack, I didn’t see that you did anytihng to add new resolution modes in 1.09, but suddenly I’m able to run in 1368 x 768 full screen, while using the exact same resolution as my native one in Windows. As I recall, that couldn’t be done, before.

If it’s a return of that bug you once fixed, can we keep it? :wink:

Instead of outright refusing to switch to a specific resolution, the game now just displays a warning message now if it thinks that the resolution might be too large. Glad it fixed the problem for you!

Thing is, I didn’t get any message, and 1368 x 768 now has default next to it, where before, it didn’t. No other conditions have changed that I can see. Same desktop resolution, video card, RAM, Windows OS, etc.

I’m not complaining. :slight_smile: But it doesn’t quite match up to what you’re writing.