resonsidering death penalty

I get the intent, but it predominantly punishes new/inexperienced players in a way so frustrating it might lead them to quit:

  1. reinforces a slow, careful playstyle with exists after each realm, breaking up gameplay flow
  2. punishes experimentation which might leave you with a bad team/low resources temporarily. the worse you are, the harder the game punishes you
  3. some items are so extremely rare, you might encounter them only once in many hours of gameplay, so with this in mind the amount of bad rng/bullshit combos that can kill you are too frustrating

I don’t have a good solution offhand so I’d suggest this (if not too complicated to code):

upon death, let the player decide what they want to sacrifice: items, resources, exp etc.

I don’t get this penalty at all, really.

You don’t have to exit the realm at all, you get the pending items even if you move to a different realm.

That makes a great deal more sense.

Two things I’d like to see improved about the death penalty:

  1. The ability to inspect the items in the Pending menu. I’d like to be able to decide if going for an exit right away is what I need to do, or to hang around a bit more and explore.
  2. The option when leaving a realm to open the previous Pending menu (which is now in your available to use in your equipment). This would make equipping a new artifact or spell gem much easier without having to scroll through pages of inventory.

After playing a fair amount, I feel that I have to chime in on the death penalty. I don’t want this to be too overly negative, as I’m enjoying the game on the whole, but the death penalty is really ruining some of the fun. I do understand WHY the death penalty exists and I am generally in favour of risk vs reward systems. The problem with the death penalty in Siralim 3 is that you encounter amazing amounts of randomness and it is nearly impossible to account for all of it. I should say that my experience is as a Nature Mage running Lone Wolf with a Summon Nature gem, so that may factor into some of the frustration.

There are numerous spells and abilities that can deter your progress forward in Siralim 3 and even wipe your party before you are realistically able to react. For Lone Wolf, one of the killers is Mutilate. One spell, my one creature now has 1 hit point. One slight bump, one wayward spell, and I lose all of the gear I’ve collected. Another MUCH more common spell is Metamorphosis. There have been numerous times that the spell has been cast and I am down to less then 10% life without being able to do anything before my turn is up. There are also numerous stat increasing and decreasing spells that make Lone Wolf incredibly frustrating, but so far Mutilate and Metamorphosis are my two main causes of death.

It doesn’t feel fair or fun to lose everything to a random effect that cannot be prevented with the items and spells that one has found to that point. I have found no direct healing spells gems yet and must rely on Mend or Leech for most of my healing. The sheer randomness in monster parties, spell gems, and artifacts makes death something of an inevitability. Even when I am trying to leave a realm as quickly as possible to claim my loot, there are unavoidable fights along the way.

I would like to propose removing the death penalty or, at the very least, changing how it works. Perhaps let us select to keep only our spell gems, or only our cores, or only the artifacts. I’d be interested in hearing other ideas on what could be done, as well, or hearing if it is a problem for others.

Well you are not obliged to run a lone wolf. if you do you do it with a nether that has 5 perks, 1 art, 1 innate, 3 injected. IF you are not greedy and ramp up speed aura/speed tomes you always go first and (if you want) can extract and/or clear on 1st turn unless you are early in the game or doing grossly overlevelled content. Later in the game you ve got some items that allows you to teleport out of the realm saving all the items at any moment. So if you ll get something really good, why not. Again at low levels all you loose is mostly worthless. unless its a good gem. At higher if you ll get a tome/book/even @!#$pill and you are in a risky situation you can portal out providing you have those items thats are more common than the tomes/books/ but on par with pills.

Plus even if you die you save exp/rep/resources. Yep you lose item. Emblems/gems can hurt. But again dying is a good sign to reconsider your strategy/creatures/gems/etc. At least if you die time to time, not to some unbeliveable rng but to some turn order/gems/party composition.

You’re right that I am not obligated to run Lone Wolf, of course, but it seems silly to “punish” certain builds that are offered in each class. I am also quite certain that this problem is not exclusive to Lone Wolf builds - Siralim 2 had a similar problem with randomness in that you could sometimes encounter fights that you just couldn’t win, whether it be through spell gems or unfortunate misses on attacks or stat-buildups that you couldn’t counter.

Would an expensive (50-100) emblems item to keep a pending item upon death help?

Use the item, and a selected pending item will be saved if you die.
If you don’t die, the expensive item is placed back in your inventory for next time.

[quote=“bluequakeralex, post:9, topic:3924”]Would an expensive (50-100) emblems item to keep a pending item upon death help?

Use the item, and a selected pending item will be saved if you die.
If you don’t die, the expensive item is placed back in your inventory for next time.[/quote]
There’s an item already that will allow you to return to your castle immediately. No purchase necessary!

It’s more common than seeds, but rarer than candy. If you haven’t found those yet, keep climbing!

After beating the game with different classes a couple of times and getting into the postgame, I don’t mind this mechanic as much anymore, especially as there are items that can protect a pending item/exit immediately - I also didn’t know that warping to the next realm would remove items from pending.

I also made a dumb spelling mistake in the subject -_-