Resource Imbalances: Allow resource conversion

I’ve found that my resources become more and more out of balance as the game progresses.

For example, right now I have over 1 million essence and 700k granite, but near zero brimstone, crystal, and power.

Suggested fix:
Add a merchant which allows you to convert resources from type A to type B at a loss, even a large loss would be an improvement.

For example, I would happily spend 200k essence for 50k brimstone and another 200k essence for 50k crystal.

I second this.
The granite cost for 1000 spell enchants will be much more attainable.
Since I have nearly that much in other resources.

I completely agree.
Converting 100k essence into, say, even 20k power would make me happy.

I’d like to throw my +1 onto this. Though I don’t think it should result in such a huge loss of resources. Maybe you lose 20-25%.

I support this as well.

IMHO, 2:1 is pretty fair, but 3:1 would be within reason.


Maybe instead of resource trader make resource drops different for each god.
So instead of receiving equal (+/- some randomization) amount of resources you would get for example x0.75 brimstone/essense/granite/crystal and x2 power in Zonte realms or x3 brimstone and x0.5 essense/granite/crystal/power in Vulcanar realm. This would not only allow players to control what resource they want to get more but also make different realm more different as now battle/resource-wise they are all the same.
Another option could be some food recipes that greatly increase gain of one resource but decrease gain of other resources. we currently have +50% for a resource recipes and the new ones could be +200% for 1 resource and -50% for other four resources.
Also changing artifact recourse properties from numbers to percentage may make those more useful and more frequently used to control what resource you want to get