+Resources not adding proper amount after battle

Ver. 0.0.41

When using either the class-specific +Resource% Perk or equipment with +Resource, it is not adding the proper percentage to your after-battle gain.

Base gain resources after combat is 45.

I have
Brimstone: +0
Crystal: +12 (Artifact)
Essence: +23 (Artifact)
Granite: +29 (Artifact)
Power: +20% (Perk)

Actual results after battle:
Brimstone: 45
Crystal: 48
Essence: 51
Granite: 52
Power: 50

Brimstone: 45
Crystal: 50
Essence: 55
Granite: 58
Power: 54

You receive a penalty based on how much higher your creatures’ levels are compared to your enemies. That’s probably why you’re receiving a little less than expected.

Even with a penalty, the % gain should be the same versus a non-% gain resource.

So if I have a -50% penalty, Brimstone should be 50% less and still be a baseline read.
Then the others should increase based on the penalized resource, still at the same % gain. And the example below shows that they do. Except the values for the resource gain artifact and perk aren’t lining up with the actual percentage gain. And it doesn’t matter if I double the baseline resource, triple it, or half it. The +Resource items aren’t lining up and not yielding the proper gain.

Buuuut…, here’s another example.
There’s no “penalty” on this battle. In fact, I’m fighting higher level enemies.

Same lineup as above. I can screenshot it if need be.

Brimstone is my baseline with 0 modifiers

Actual Results received after battle:
Brimstone: 90
Crystal: 96
Essence: 102
Granite: 104
Power: 99

Expected Results:
Brimstone: 90
Crystal: 101
Essence: 110
Granite: 116
Power: 108

These are roughly double (+/- 1) what I received above, probably due to the “penalty”. HOWEVER - the % gain from the +Resources still doesn’t line up with the values expressed in the +Resource modifiers. I’m receiving less resources than expected if the artifact properties and perk is supposed to be a percentage-based gain.

Let me try this another way. Hopefully it illustrates what I’m saying better.
Here’s 3 examples, different level creatures fought.

Brimstone: 74 (base)
Crystal: 79 (6.7% more)
Essence: 84 (13.5% more)
Granite: 86 (6.2% more)
Power: 82 (10.8% more)

Brimstone: 90 (base)
Crystal: 96 (6.7% more)
Essence: 102 (13.3% more)
Granite: 104 (15.6% more)
Power: 99 (10% more)

Brimstone: 45 (base)
Crystal: 48 (6.66% more)
Essence: 51 (13.3% more)
Granite: 52 (15.5% more)
Power: 50 (11.11% more)

Here’s what I have on my artifacts/perks:
Brimstone: +0
Crystal: +12 (Artifact)
Essence: +23 (Artifact)
Granite: +29 (Artifact)
Power: +20% (Perk)

Conclusion: Artifacts and perks are only providing 1/2 the stated benefit.
Any “penalty” due to level differences of creatures doesn’t matter because a % gain is a % gain no matter what the base is.