Respec Potion

Like Potion of Forgetting in Siralim 3, could there be an option to somehow re-spec diety points in Siralim Ultimate. I understand Perk Points come quicker in this game. But earlier game when you’re still figuring everything out and trying new things, it can feel crippling to you to choose something you come to regret.

It could be a project or something to build a facility that does it for you, maybe? Unlocked at the same time you unlock the specialization projects? Just one way at least. Of course there’s plenty of options if it was included.


Adding on to this, for some builds certain perks can be detrimental to a build. Even if you have maxed out perk points, a build can run better without a certain perk and the ability to reset perks would be nice.

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Fully supporting this idea with the +100 used perk points I’d like back because I misunderstood how certain perks work. :smiley:

Patch notes for version 0.1.14:
“- ADD: You can now reset your perk points at the wardrobe in your castle for free.”

Happy days!

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