resurrection - chance to res at end of combat plz

Maybe I just haven’t found the spell yet, but is there a way to resurrect your creature at the end of combat? My angel set the last enemy on fire, who then proceeded to land a killing blow on one of my creatures, then burned up and died. So since he died from a status effect right after attacking, the battle ended, which prevented me from casting resurrect, leading to the loss of my creature. Is thi an unintentional consequence of events that will be addressed, or will this be left as is?

BTW, I love the demo so far. Wish there was some sort of “these monsters will be around lvl x” on the sigil descriptions. I have no idea if I will ever try those again, any time soon, on my HC.

Glad you’re enjoying the game!

Creature Permadeath mode is intended to work that way. It’s an insanely hard mode and probably isn’t the best option if you’re just starting out since I can definitely see it becoming frustrating if you don’t have a long-term strategy in place. This is the most experimental of all game modes, though, and I think there should be some ways to make it a little less ridiculous at times.

Minor Sigil enemies, just like any other enemy, scale to the levels of your creatures. They’ll scale higher if you use them in deeper dungeon floors, though.

I’m fine with it as long as you say that it is supposed to work that way. (The whole thing about how the enemy killed my creature and then died from a status effect, ending combat and removing any chance of resurrecting it.) In that case, it’s just how the cookie crumbles and I’m cool with that. Challenge is fun.

Yep i am not brave enough to try that mode, i would have to grind pre blacksmith to get materials to make some exceptional weapons then save shards so i could instantly get the enchanter afterwards (since once blacksmith is unlocked he starts playing for the other team as well) and then you probably lose weapons on death as well so after all is said and done that plan goes to the dogs.

Weapon progression providing you keep the dead creatures weapons actually make this mode more grindy since you will keep resetting with eventually higher and higher tier weapons on low monsters (minus all the insta gibs) that should in theory overpower your enemies. At the point enemies get weapons though they get hella strong :slight_smile:

once you progress far enough you get nether eggs and this gives you monsters that have stats well beyond the normal parameters but it’s going to be hella scary to lose one of those after massive work for a fully tuned beast.

If zack is still working on balance i could see this mode becoming more interesting.

I’ve noticed that you lose your dead creature’s artifact.

Well then… that makes things punishing :slight_smile:

One of the changes for today’s upcoming patch will be that you no longer lose artifacts when your creatures die in this mode. :slight_smile: