Returning to the game but...

So, I’ve decided to give Siralim the Third: Full Realease Mode another go and me being me and me only ever playing spellcasting teams, but wanting to try something new, I decided to go for an Imp focused Nature-magic spamming party.

The problem, however, being that I can’t seem to locate the Imp Shaman or its breeding recipe anywhere. Which is quite the problem when you’re planning on making an Imp-party, seeing how he’s THE main thing selling the tribe.

So, umm, could anybody help me out and spoil the recipe, seeing how the wiki dosen’t have it? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m not mistaken I remember someone mentioning that Imp Shaman is really hard to get.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need to get it as a reward for enchanting achievements or something? Similar to stuff like getting a Hammerlord.
I know that I haven’t gotten one yet or even any knowledge levels for it, but I also don’t have the essence to spam on getting all the enchantment achievements yet.
Hopefully this isn’t considered a spoiler or anything.

Did some research [SPOILER] and you are indeed correct that the shaman is an achievement reward for creating 250(!) individual enchantments. A bit much to ask for such a vital creature for not only its own tribe - but a whole avatar build as well.

Guess I’ll just go with Familiars instead then.