Review after about 100 Hours of Siralim 2

Before I begin, I would like say this game, the maker and the community are awesome, Zack is probably one of the most friendly and attentive makers out there.

Now lets get on with the reviews:
One of the things I enjoyed most was the lack of creature Tiers. You can “end the game” with your first 6 creatures. A lot of other similar games forces you to change team composition at certain point of the game, since your tier 1 creatures just arent as effective as tier 2,3 ones. The game also offer a huge variety of creatures that all have ways to make itself work. The possibility is endless.

I never played Siralim1, so when I picked up 2, some thing seemed missing, informations or glimpse of the awesomeness await. As a new player, I have no idea I need to be level 60 to unlock warlock, I have no idea the stable thats awaiting me. I could have abandoned the game long before I run into those thing. It would be really nice if blood of alter, stables and warlock, etc are revealed much earlier, you can unlock more of it like the forge.

I’m only 100 hours into the game, so maybe Im not deep enough into the game, but the mage class seems very dull, Im barely getting any deity point. With the point I do get, it barely makes any difference, there are some 1 rank wonders, but most of the other perks requires more deity points than I can actually grind at a reasonable rate.

Another thing I find annoying is you can only buy, but not sell spell gems. My latest save only has about 50 hours, but Im already getting like 3 to 4 pages of spell gems of each kind, I didnt even bother to farm for any spell gems, I can only imaging the horror when Im level 600 instead of 60.

A couple of other things before I finish, sigil could give more reward. Also, it would be fun to see some player created boss levels.

one of the dieties installs a device that lets you sacrifice 3 spell gems to get a random spell gem out, so those spell gems will eventually get traded in.