Roaring Basilisk

Roaring basilisks trait activates even if it has taken damage.
According to the description “If this creature does not take damage from attacks or spells between each of its turns, it afflicts all enemies with Stun for 1 turn.” it should not.
Also this trait is kinda a perma lock if you manage to activate it as stunned creatures do not deal damage unless you find a stun immune.

another issue about those is that if you have 2 roaring basilisks and they start om top of battle queue then the first one will not cast its mass stun but the second one will cast it already. This is kinda odd and im not too sure if it really a bug or some sort of feature.

Version 2.0.0 on Windows 10

Yup, hunting for the trait that gives immunity to stun now. Solely for these guys. Had an enemy team that was a third of my level wipe me cause I was permastunned

Zack relaly needs to reply to this. If you don’t kill them first turn, the battle is lost if you dont’ have anti-stun.

If the basilisks are on NPC teams at least (haven’t tested on my own team, though I just extracted a couple) they will activate their trait even on their first turn, meaning that unless I have a critter faster than the basilisk, their appearance is a wipe without stun immunity.

I tried pairing stun immunity with a creature that can remove debuffs, but of course, the basilisk goes before the unstunned critters, and re-stuns them

I tried damaging the basilisk with the stun immune creature, but that has no impact on whether they stun.

In the end, I used death’s bite to ensure that something is attacking even if it is stunned, and then paired a bunch of group stat buff skill gems with “on hit” to that critter’s attacks. Then I equipped one of my critters with “gift from below” so that over the course of a battle, my own (stunned) critters are buffed and the enemies are debuffed until the battle ends in my favor just because the 20% strength death’s bite attacks are being made with 10 million attack against zero-defence critters.

…which works, but isn’t really a reasonable level of effort to get around the ability of one creature.