Roofstalker rebirth causes skipped turn

On the left is a Roofstalker Wight. He has a weapon with sting, so he always dies after attacking, and the first time he is reborn with higher stats. Several times now I have seen, as he is being reborn and his stat gains are being displayed, that my unicorn is next in line. It has the blue selection box around it, and it is at the top of the list in the top right corner. Quite consistently, it’s turn is then skipped.

On the second turn the wight dies and is NOT reborn, and the unicorn is able to take it’s turn.

This has happened in quite a few battles now, against varied foes.

Windows 10, Siralim 2.3.2,. no crash, and screenshot attached.


As I have continued with my roofstalker team I have come to understand that the next creature in the queue always loses its turn when the Roofstalker is reborn, whether it is mine or one of the opponents.

Any chance of this being fixed soon?


More than two months since I reported this now. I haven’t seen it mentioned in any release notes. Any chance of a fix?