Rosebud the Disgruntled Arena Master nether door event stays completed and is encountered again in later realms

0.11.5 - Windows 10 - RD 418, Swamplands

After beating her three times on a previous floor, I encountered her again in a later realm and she now only gives the, “Bah! This is hopeless,” dialogue i.e. there’s no reward or point to this nether door event now.

Reporting because it’s either a bug or she isn’t being removed from the pool of nether doors if intended

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Update: This happened with another nether event, and could or couldn’t be the same issue, so just adding it to the existing thread.

In Azure Dream, I encountered a nether door leading to the chest rooms guarded by three masters. Two were spirit masters and one was a priest master. A few floors later, I encountered another nether door that led to the same event but the masters were gone and the chests were already opened.

This took place on floors 70s, because I was hunting for a special creature event with a dumpling party. I was only going to Azure Dream repeatedly, if it matters.

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