Rotten Carnage Mechanics?

I am thinking of experimenting with Rotten Carnage team-builds in my latest game, and I had a few questions on the mechanics of the Rotten Carnage ability “Death’s Advance”.

Death’s Advance grants the Carnage 30% of the attack of the friendly creatures on the left and right side of the Carnage.

  1. Is this calculated at the beginning of combat? Or does the bonus change dynamically if the creature next to Rotten Carnage gains or losses attack during a fight? (For example, if the creature on the right gets Sap, does my Rotten Carnage lose attack? If the creature on the left gains increases its attack every time it hits, does my Rotten Carnage also gain attack?)

  2. Does my Rotten Carnage lose the benefit of this ability if the creature next to it dies?

  3. Does this ability include the Attack bonus that the creatures on the Left and Right are receiving from Artifacts? (I assume the answer here is “Yes”, but it could be base attack) If the creature next to my Rotten Carnage is a Brim Smith, is the “Death’s Advance” bonus calculated after the Brim Smith ability gives the Brim Smith bonus attack from its artifact?

  1. It changes dynamically throughout the fight.

  2. Yes, it won’t gain Attack from dead creatures.

  3. Yes and yes.

Thanks a lot!

Should be a fun ability to play around with.

How dynamically :)? If you had 2 or 3 Rotten Carnages next to each other, would they keep building up? I’m assuming they simply add 30% of the current attack of the creatures next to them when their turn comes up. Of course, if it doesn’t revert by their next turn and another Rotten Carnage next to it checks that current value… that can be a lot of stacking 30% attack bonuses :P.

The Attack is added only when they attack another creature, and it’s only for the duration of that turn. At the end of the turn it will revert back to its base value.


Brim Smith (Dark Braze) / Rotten Carnage (Strength of the World) / Brim Smith (Dark Braze)

Carver Shadowdancer (Blood Dance) / Cinder Devil (Lifebinder) / Clairvoyant Spirit (Emerald Attunement)


My thoughts exactly vagrantsun. I didn’t realize this ability was dynamic; so useful in my mind now.