Row differences

One of the big differences between this game and DQM is that you’re allowed a whole extra row for your team. I always really liked the front line/back line mechanic in other JRPGs and think it could add an interesting aspect to Siralim, even if it’s just a defense bonus/attack malus for the back row while front line members are alive (or something like that). It would add a whole layer of strategy and team-planning in what is already a very strategic, team-planning-oriented game.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying… siralim does havea front and back row. (I’m not really sure what dqm stands for.)

The forum actually discussed the topic of mechanics based on front and back row positions. Zack said that he did consider it, but that it added an extra layer of complexity that wasn’t really necessary on top of everything else. Though he might have said he’d look it over. The rest of the community seemed to agree with its not being implemented, while still saying that it’d be an interesting addition. It would certainly complicate gameplay further.

DQM = Dragon quest Monsters. It’s basically Siralim lite.

I would like to see more positional effects like Brownie Captain’s or Dark Brim Smith’s, personally, because so much of the current ordering system is kind of wasted IMO. I do agree, though, that it would have to be mostly higher-tier creatures.