S button stick

So I have tried to find any data on this and so far I can’t find this problem anywhere else.

Windows 10.
game version 0.0.20

I have found in some situations the S button sticks. It is only in this game not in other games or even outside of the game while the game is running. To use as an example. I open the game and the s button is stuck on. I can minimize the game and any other chat section and the button is not stuck. I use the overlay and the s button is also stuck on the steam overlay. I have two PC’s and so far I can reproduce the issue on both of them. On my main desktop, I can’t seem to fix the issue so far. However, on my Laptop (also running windows 10 and version 0.0.20) The bug seems to be able to produce itself when trying to remap the buttons specifically S. I can get rid of the sticky button by remapping any button again. I am using a steam controller so this may have helped to cause the bug but it seems to be an issue now no matter if I am using the steam controller or not.
My laptop is ok for the most part I can use it to play the game just fine, however, my desktop is stuck on the menu screen with the S button stuck, I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to no avail. Any suggestions?

If it helps, i know its not my Keyboard as i have unplugged it and it still continues.

figured it out, the game does not like my accessories. I have to unplug them all for some reason.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ll try to figure out why that happens.

Its ok, you have been busy busy busy I am sure.

I can try to work it down to what accessory when I get home. Take some plugging and unplugging of sorts, but ill let you know what I find.