sacrifice cores

Heard a few people talk about with, but I don’t seem to be able to do so yet.

What level or castle upgrade do you need before you can Sacrifice cores?

Im not sure there is any limitation, you do it from your inventory, items ->cores -> choose core -> sacrifice

I was also waiting for the option to become available before I realized it was done from my inventory. =)

No, there is a level requirement… hmmm, it certainly has been a good bit since I’ve done that on any of my saves, but I believe it should be after you’ve gained level 20? Or maybe a little more.

I just checked my level 10 save, and I can sacrifice on that one. So its not a very high level requirement in that case. It is a save without castle quests and with random monsters, dont know if that might affect it.

Ah, that might effect it, or perhaps it’s level 10. I do remember being really low level and not being able to sacrifice cores, but it was a short in the dark as to how soon it unlocked. (Been a while; perhaps I should make another new save…)

Well I haven’t tried it on my level 35 character, but my level 16 life mage isn’t able to do it yet. Just started the power goblet quest.

I am 90% sure it is level 30.

My bad for giving false information if that is the case, I just checked to see if the option was there, I never actually tried to use it on my level 10 save.