Safety on big decisions

t’is a grinding game and most of the time after a while we go on autopilot. After a couple of hours of merry grinding i find myself almost done with a prophet quest when i notice my ever increasing need of granite for that ever increasing pile of artifacts and gems that are just not quite right for my collection. It dawned on my gliding mind that a couple of charms should be perhaps a good solution. I am clever like that. So i decided to expertly finish my run and execute my brilliant idea. Let us go brain, up and left to the big party candle, we need to invite a few friends. And do not forget to keep that E pressed down, all those dialogues are so tiring after all. Keep the E pressed down. I wonder when the list will come. A new prophet quest, huh, how curious. Game saved, huh, curious indeed. I did not cry, for i am a man. But i confess i teared up a little bit. I tried to brush it off, it happens after all. But i could not, not immediately, i had to take a break. Here i am, on a break, and i leave this message in hopes whoever may read this does not commit the same mistake and that somehow, maybe by changing the order of options, maybe a warning or two, such big quest-lines doesn’t come to an abrupt end. But with endings comes beginnings, with floral music and saved files. But not today, today i rest.

sorry to hear that, happends actually, but resetting prophecies should be done quickly since sometimes you want to reroll em many many times in a row to get ones that will benefit your plan (needed gods or something like that). Maybe add an option in the quest menu to lock prophecies, or in the option idk.