Saia, Death Mage concerns

Hello Siralim 3 Community,

I am new to posting on these forums, but I wanted to try and contribute to Siralim 3’s success after putting some time into the game series. I tried to see if anyone has mentioned this anywhere, but I was unable to find a topic on it. I apologize if this has been suggested already.

My biggest concern with Saia so far is that your summon spell gems can be locked by certain traits at the beginning of combat. I am not certain which creatures cause this, but when it happens, Saia does not summon any of the creatures from the gem and you are suddenly in a 1 v 6 fight that you almost immediately lose. At least this has been my experience so far when it happens to me. Is there anyway there could be a feature added that prevents this from happening? It is absolutely soul crushing when you are almost done with the realm and get murdered by the fact that your summon gem randomly got sealed at the beginning of the fight.

Some ideas I have come up with are:

  1. Allow the summons from the trait to happen prior to the gem being sealed.
  2. Add a trait that allows your creatures to be immune to spell gem sealing.
  3. Make summon gems immune to being sealed.

Those are the suggestions I have for that so far.

I also agree with an earlier post about the random summons having traits that cause them to do nothing, like the sprite that always skips its turn to give your whole team an increase in speed. I don’t really mind these as much, but it is kind of annoying when your whole build is devised around summoning random creatures, to have creatures that cannot perform any actions due to their trait.

The last thing I would like to touch on with Death Mage and Saia is the traits that creatures have that are supposed to trigger at the beginning of combat. Is it intended that they do not trigger when being summoned at the beginning of combat with Saia? If so, this just lends even further to the limited power the Death Mage is capable of. I am willing to accept this if the power level of the other traits balances out after I am able to finish putting points into them. I.E. The Blood Splatter (name?) plus the overall increase in stats actually puts a dent into the enemy’s health when my summoned creatures die.

Thank you for reading and creating an awesome game series!

My understanding is that if you have Multiple Summon gems equipped that you are less likely to run into trouble with gems getting locked. (Since if one green gets locked, the creature will cast the other one.)

(Also, I personally find as a Death mage that bringing two or three creatures works better for me than just bringing Saia.)

i think you better bring multiple summon gems indeed. 4 is almost absolutely safe. Also as a Death Mage you might still consider having nether creature in a group to supplement your Saia, that will be eventually capable or standing a fight on its own if things go wrong.