Saia - Mechanic for a new Mage class?

I do like Saia as a mechanic, it’s pretty cool. However, it’s extremely linear and limiting - It seems that most of the Death mage’s major perk allotments are taken up by Saia-oriented perks, (Non-Saia related perks are only Blood Spatter, a summoning-related perk, and Horror Show, ANOTHER summoning-related perk) and since Saia greatly benefits from being almost the only creature IN the party while you summon your other 5 slots, it also limits your entire build path as a Death Mage.

I would like to suggest that Saia, and Saia-related perks, is moved to an entirely new class - Saia. Sorry, I meant Summoner.

As Saia(Summoner), you start out with Saia - Saia counts as a psuedo-Nether creature, in that Saia doesn’t really have a class type. Doesn’t take any bonus damage from a class, but ALSO doesn’t deal any bonus damage (Until a perk where you do). Your first (And only) Artifact that you get, instead of being a sword, is Saia’s unique Artifact (Or Daybreaker, when you get that perk). The spell gem you get at the start Summon Random Creature, so Saia can start summoning things right off the bat. You also don’t get an extra creature during the second portion - Instead, Saia gets her second trait unlocked, that allows her to summon a creature at the end of every turn providing theres a spot for one.

This allows Death to return to it’s traditional roots as a Necromancer archtype, in which your creatures die, are rezed as something different and stronger, die again, and are rezed again.

Plus, it gives Siralim 3 a new selling point - Hey guys, new class!