saia's daybreaker with diffusion

ok so I have Saia and have unlocked the skill daybreaker which let him have access to your remporary summoned creatures spell gems and innate traits. I also have horror show which summons temporary death creatures that have traits and spell gems on them. If i use a mercurial slime which whose trait is diffusion, ( after you creatures gain a trait from another creature, you other creatures gain that trait as well. This trait does not stack), all my monsters and summoned temporary monsters gain daybreaker.
Now heres the problem

  1. saia and mercurial slime can use all the spell gems of the temporary monsters but the temporary monsters can only use the spell gems they came with.
  2. If they all get daybreaker and give each other traits why isnt saia or the other monsters gaining the traits of the summon monsters. if i summoned, lets say a delirious ghoul whose trait is foot eater: After this creature attacks, it steals 40% of the targets speed, then shouldnt saia steal 40% of targets speed when it kills something?