Sailer's Warning : Should it be showing up with Inspect in-combat?

Currently, the bonus statistics from Sailor’s warning do not seem to be showing up on the in-combat Inspect screen.

This makes it difficult to tell whether Sailor’s warning is working properly.

Ottum Level 17 Attack statistic with no Artifact (out of combat inspect):
– 203

Ottum Level 17 equips artifact with 40% attack and Sailor’s Warning (out of combat inspect):
– 285

This is reasonable, Sailor’s Warning doesn’t work out of combat, so I only see the 40% from the artifact.

Ottum Level 17 enters combat with Sailor’s Warning (in-combat inspect):
– 285

That is to say, that Sailor’s Warning may be working properly (I am not sure) but it is very difficult to tell because the stat bonus doesn’t show up on the in-combat inspect.

Actually, the inspection interface is showing the wrong numbers entirely right now. Just a visual glitch, but a big one anyway - I’ll fix this for the next patch. Thanks!