Save corruption after error message

Im playing on the Xbox one and I really like this game but yesterday I got an error message at the start of the game and was unable to play until I reinstalled the game and then I saw that my save was gone (90hours of playtime). And here is how I think it happened: I was starting the game, then I pressed the Xbox button (the big glowy button in the center of the controller) while the game was showing the Thylacine Studios logo (on the White background), the game closed on itself and after trying to start the game again I got an error message. So I hope this can be fixed. After this experience I wanted to make a backup save but the xbox game manager doesnt show me the save data for this game, is this intended?

Sorry to hear your save file is gone! I’ll take a look at what’s happening using the steps you provided and see what I can do. Not sure about the backup saving, though - that’s not something I would have control over on my end.

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Did you use the game’s “Notebook” function at all? If so, I think it can corrupt your save file on Xbox if you enter a new line using the “return” key.

Yes I actually did. Thanks for sharing this infomation because I used it again on my new save, so I be warned.

Can the “View/Edit notes” funktion also corrupt my save?

Anything that allows you to enter text could. If you stick to only English letters and numbers and don’t use a new line (return), you should be fine, though.