Save file vanished after restarting game on Android

I recently bought the game on Android and sunk a lot of hours into it while bedridden for a medical issue, but I never closed the game during that time; just put it in the background. I still manually saved religiously every couple minutes, though.

I then tried to save to cloud, and it just timed out every time. So I closed the game, then re-opened it…and my 40 hour save is just gone. My only option is to create a new game, or import from cloud, but all my cloud slots are empty.

Is there anything I can do to get my save back? This is very frustrating.

If you closed the game while it was attempting to save, it most likely corrupted your save file which isn’t possible to repair.

Well damn; I did notice that it stopped giving me a “timed out” popup about an hour or so before I closed it, maybe I re-attempted the cloud save too many times too quickly and borked it up. At least the cloud save is now working, so I was able to get back up to where I left off pretty quickly on PC now that I actually know what I’m doing a little bit, then import that fresh cloud save to my phone.

Either way, I appreciate the response!

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