Save File

Is there anyway that you guys would be able to make a way to backup your save files for this game. If you uninstall it it deletes everything. This game rocks. I am completly addicted to it. Its great how everything is random you never know what your going to get on this rpg. Hope you guys can create a way to have all of us siralim players back up our save game files so we will never lose them.

What platform are you playing it on? I’m assuming either iOS or Android, but which one?

I am playing on an android lg. But as far as I know theres not a way to back up your saves if you uninstall it or something happens or something. Maybe we guys could make an ingame save file or online set save file or something. I losed my data before when i had to re install the game.

If your device is rooted, you can access the necessary fire and make a backup of it. It will be in the com.thylacinestudios.siralim folder and will be called something like siralimX.ini, where X is the save slot number you’re using. Otherwise this is not possible right now.

Well i am not sure if it is or not. But When do you think you guys might be able to make a way to back up your save files another way?

To be honest, I’m not even sure what the most elegant way would be to make that happen right now. It’s something that I want to add eventually for sure, but I want to do it right so I can’t provide any good timeframe for now. Sorry!

Oh alright hmm. Well I found the folder your talking about with a file program but it’s empty. doesn’t have that other file.

I think it’ll appear empty unless your device is rooted. And if you don’t know whether or not it’s rooted, it’s probably not since it’s quite a process to make that happen :slight_smile:

ok then well i really want to back up my save file dont want to lose my save I have now. I wish i could find that file. I dont think it’s rooted but i dont know really.

Is the save folder device specific? I tried to setup a sync between my tablet and phone and though I was able to sync the directory, my tablet did not recognize the save from my phone.

This makes me wary that even though I backup my app data daily that I will not be able to restore Siralim if I need to.

The save folder is the same, but I am not sure if the full directory path to get to the actual folder will be the same on all devices. That is handled by the operating system.

Sorry, you misunderstood. I was wondering whether you use some device identification like android id to make sure that saves are not used across multiple devices.

The Siralim data folder is the same: /data/data/package/files (direcory was autocreated by Siralim and content under files match number of saves in game). But deleting the tablet saves and copying the phone saves into the directory did not work. The tablet showed no saves.

Oh, in that case no, save files do not have any protection like that. If it works on one device (even cross-platform), it will work on all of them. One thing that a lot of people have trouble with on Android is that the OS has some type of privilege settings that prevent the file from writing properly. Make sure the file size isn’t 0 bytes on the device that is receiving the copy of the save file.

Thank you for the information. I gave it another try and got it working. After syncing the files belonged to root and I had to change ownership for the synced files to the Siralim user.


I would really be interested to know how you have achieved this sync between several devices.

I used Folder Sync and an Owncloud server(though any cloud storage supported by Folder Sync would work).

Short version:

  • have rooted devices
  • have cloud storage
  • setup folder pair in Folder Sync
  • sync files
  • adjust permissions (synced files belong to root)

I could post a more detailed guide later if needed.

Thanks for the information. I have a rooted device too. I’ll check that Folder Sync application.