Save game backup

Siralim 2.0.13, Android 5, non-rooted, Galaxy S5, etc.

A feature request-it would be awesome if there were some way to back up my save game off my phone. I’m not rooted, so even with an ADB connection, I can’t browse to and copy my save file. I’m currently using Samsung Kies and hoping it’s backed up. I’d like to root my phone at some point, but I don’t want to risk the ~40 hours I’ve spent on this awesome game.

Is there something planed for export and import of save files? I also have a non rooted phone and would like to backup my save and progress. Also to be able to change phone.

This is a feature Zack has indicated he wants to implement (cross device saves), but it has not been stated anything about when this could happen. My best guess is that its on the “take a look at this”-list, but not currently being worked on.

He’s looked at it for a while and is trying to find out a proper way to do it right the first time, since from a programming standpoint, it’s not necessarily cake.

Thanks for the answers. So I wait. Would be a pitty to loos 80h of gaming time.

Hope it will really be an export solution not a cloud solution. I try wherever to avoid cloudfobia - thats a personal opinion. I accept to do the small efford of copy and move files for this opinion :slight_smile: