Save Slot Issue After 1.06 update

  1. This issue is a bug.

  2. Save slot 2 appears blank unless save slot 1 is removed by deleting it.

  3. PlayStation 4 (NA)

  4. 2.5.0

  5. I had 5 saves before the update, all of them show up and are playable. After the update that allowed saves to be seen again was installed (1.6), all but save slot 2 are recognized (Save Slot 2 displayed as “Unused Save Slot.”) I tried deleting the others and only having save slot 2 on the system and then it reappeared and was playable. After copying save slot 1 back to the system, save slot 2 disappears again and is not accessible. Tried playing Save Slot 2 and saving to make the file current and the problem persisted. The only way to access Save Slot 2 is by not having Save Slot 1 on the system.