Saving issue follow up questions

First and most importantly, love the game.
I had a problem tho and my issues are more or less exactly the same as this post here:

I had some questions regarding the saving issues that seem to be occurring. For the sake of background info; I had just completed my first nether egg creature and gotten it to demonize as well (super excited) and produced and lovely Fallen Carnage Demon with a green Sprite and some name I can’t remember since it was way too long since I had gotten some sleep. Anyway I made the final push and popped him out, saving at various points along the way, shut off the game and as I just got home I logged in to find several hours worth of work gone, and no super powered green machine :frowning:

Anyway my first question is simple… Any way to undo the damage and get it back?
The save file on my ps4 system states the save was last updated at 1:18am which should be right. It clearly isn’t what I log into however.
Going forward, assuming I can’t retrieve it, How do I prevent this in the meantime?
I understand a patch is coming but it sounds like it might not be worth playing if I can’t reliably save where I want, knowing I’ll lose untold progress. I certainly got lucky on my first nether but if it happens again I might give up playing.
Finally, even tho I know it’s out of your hands, how long might you guess before the patch is released?

Anyhow, thanks for your time and your game, it is rather enjoyable, like something I had been missing for a while.

Can I somehow get back my lost data, since the save seems to be on my ps4
Can I prevent this issue from occurring somehow
When might the patch be released by Sony


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to retain your lost progress. There’s no good way to prevent it other than saving every 20-30 minutes then restarting the game entirely. I’m really sorry for this! I didn’t catch it and neither did Sony’s QA team so it came as a really big surprise. I’m guessing the patch will be out sometime next week.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will give it a shot and hopefully the patch comes quickly. Once again, thanks for the game regardless, and I will be voting for the sequel on steam today.

Alrighty I’m back with something really weird, forgive me if this has been brought up before I have not read all the post.

Anyway, I followed your advice and saved and restarted every 20 minutes or so with great success. Got my gems done and ready to generate an egg, but couldn’t find the nether egg creator dude yesterday. So I woke up this morning, played for a bit and saved like normal, left for work.

Just got home… Started my save, went to portal, and got stuck loading. So I tried again real quick, figured it was my ps4 but same thing, so I ended up trying to run around and do stuff different only to eventually realize, there were no monsters following me! I went to the inventory and sure enough, “you must summon a creature first”. So I go to my stable where I know my lovely backups are relaxing… And there is nothing in my stable!

My char is the right level, my brimstone and other materials look correct, gonna summon a creature real fast to check my items (wont let me look without a creature) but hopefully I still have all my stuff… Just my critters and possibly their artifacts.

Any thoughts?

Edit: have all my items and other stuff, just creatures and their artifacts, aka my best ones lol. Summoned the Mouth of Hell to chill with me while I figure out where to go from here haha, figure this is pandemonium brought to life!

Working on a hotfix for this now - if you don’t save over your save files, they’ll be fine after the hotfix. I’m really sorry!

It’s actually sort of funny to me watching my char run around alone unable to do anything out in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to try a few out classes any way so I’ll hold off on this save, thanks for the info.

Any chance Siralim 2 might have the ability to save to multiple slots instead of just the 1?

The good news is that the patch is otherwise stable - the loss of data is a one-time result of fixing the save bug you mentioned in your original post. So if you want to play on that file the way it is or start a new game, you should be good to go now. Again, I’m really sorry for the loss of your progress! I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen ever again.

I believe I’m having the save file inconsistency problem on the ps4, except I already have the hot fix. It happens a lot less now with the patch but it happened again last night after about a hour between saves. Lost around another 6 hours of data.