Saving team setups.

An added option of saving different team setups (with or without artifacts) would be lovely. As someone who loves to experiment with different setups its getting to be a chore to switch out teammember from the huge list at the stable. Maybe a way to save a setup (locally only would be enough) with some notes (like what artifacts to use incase thats not included) would be lovely.

Game is awesome.

Save states for different teams would be nice. But you can help yourself now in a couple ways. I renamed all my actually used creatures to “Z - whatever the rest of the name will be”. I was actually boring and just named them Z - short name of the creature type, since most of mine are demon nethers. Later in the game, it’s not a problem to just leave the artifacts on them since it’s so easy to build up a new artifact (which will have a better base stat anyway). It’s not the best solution, but does make changing teams quite a bit faster.