Scorn and Silence should always be Single target and never spread

I think these 2 effects are too powerful as a player and for the AI, and boring too, and should never apply to more than 1 target (no multi cast, no spreading, just one caster casts it to one target). Don’t you think ?

Actually, I think the amount if silence/scorn in the game right now is quite reasonable. (The change a few patches ago to prevent a creature from being both scorned and silenced was important, but since then, I think things have been good.)

Yes, it means that I need to be careful when building a team to make sure that I am not completely destroyed by (say) the Life spell that Scorns all creatures. But personally, I don’t think having to deal with those challenges makes the game any less fun.

There are also quite a few ways to handle those. So i agree on the amount being quite fair right now.

When i play with the Life Siren and cast a All Enemies spell, they are all Scorn or Silence, and i can cast similar spells quite often.

I actually didn’t know it was not possible to be Scorn and Silence at the same time, so it may be “fine”, even if i feel it’s still a super powerful effect.