Scrapped Ideas and Planned Content

Hello Zack!

Just was taking a look through the different posts and road map. I was hoping you could give just a quick heads-up on what was scrapped or changed and what’s still planned.

I came up with a list earlier from the Kickstarter and talking to others in the discord.

  1. Invasions (I think these were scrapped altogether)
  2. World Bosses (someone said these were scrapped and Nether Bosses took their place)
  3. Talismans (I think that you said Realm shaping is replacing this)
  4. Is there any type of content that will have us interacting with other players?

It’s no big deal if any of it was scrapped or changed, I’ve just been a bit confused with all the changes and I’m trying to keep everything straight of what to at least expect or not.

Thank you for your time and all you do!

-Jimly the Lich

Invasions and timed/seasonal events were scrapped since I’ve decided to do away with all online content. There won’t be anything that involves direct player interaction.

World Bosses are coming (I’m working on them now, actually), but they’re called False Gods now.

Talismans are replaced by Realmshaping as you said.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure the Early Access roadmap contains everything that is planned for the game except for the roguelike mode.

Awesome. Thanks for the response, it cleared everything up.