Screen resolution on larger screens

I couldn’t find the change screen rez on the intro screen.
I am using a 65" TV with 4k as my monitor.

The area is around 1/6 the size of my screen. Please note Pic 0.
Putting it in full size will great lower the quality of the picture. Please note Pic 1.
And entering battle mode or opening a menu, the items doesn’t fit on screen. Please note Pic 2.
But, if you minimize, then un-minimize, the quality looks better and you can see the a large portion of the map. Please note Pic 3.
Also, doing so, will adjust the battle mode and menu items. Please note Pic 4.

Just wanted to point out this little hiccup for other people who uses big monitors.

I really need to redo how the game view works entirely, unfortunately. This won’t be a quick or easy fix so I probably won’t have a chance to get to it for a few days. I’m sorry about that!

No problem Zack, I totally understand, and wasn’t expecting a quick fix on this. Just wanted to point it out for the future or if anyone else had this problem, this would be a work around for the time being.