Screenshots of Siralim's New User Interface

If there’s one thing that Siralim players have been very clear about, it’s that they are unhappy with the user interface. Not only is the font size too small on certain devices such as phones, it’s also not as user friendly as it should be and there’s always way too much text on the screen at once. One of the goals of the next update is to fix these problems once and for all.

This is a massive undertaking but it’s already coming along quite nicely. I’ll try to post a new screenshot of the UI in this topic each day.

Here’s the new interface for Bynine’s Exalted Emblem shop:

The blacksmith’s forging interface is a bit different now - for more reasons than you were probably expecting!

Testing out a new feature - the loot window. Now whenever you receive an item, such as from a treasure chest or for completing a Duty, this window will appear. It allows you to quickly view all of the loot you acquired and even access it immediately. This will make it very easy to equip your creatures with new artifacts, equip new spells, etc.