Scroll Critical Mass

So, I have something like 40 pages of scrolls. I do cast spells, mind you, it’s just that I so rarely find ones I want that I don’t usually bother. Thus, a suggestion that might solve both problems: give players the ability to burn a scroll in order to grant one charge to another, which gives players some level of customizability in their spell choice.

Possible Limitations

  • Scroll must be of same Class as target
  • Only adds one Charge, regardless of how many are burnt
  • High MP cost spells take more scrolls (Planets and Mind Tricks, for example, should never be mass-producible in any serious quantity)


The plan is to revamp all the current spells very soon, so I’m hoping that they’ll be useful enough to where you don’t even want to ditch them for whatever reason. We’ll see what happens at that point and go from there, though :slight_smile: This is definitely a viable idea.

I’d cast spells a lot more often if it didn’t take up my monsters’ turns. I think that’s the main reason for the buildup of scrolls – most of the time it’s more effective to attack or provoke than it is to cast a spell. A couple ideas for decoupling spellcasting from your monsters’ turns:

You can cast a spell without using a monster’s turn every X times your monsters act (X being determined by a Character perk). A little UI element could tell you how many turns until your bonus action spell is ready. Add a perk to make it happen sooner or give a chance to gain double the charges on a turn.

Alternately, you can always cast spells without consuming a turn, but you start with 0 mana and regain a small amount (5% of max? a flat 5 per turn?) each time your monsters take a turn. Add a new action (meditate? channel?) to skip a monster’s turn to give you extra mana (or add a perk that does that when a monster defends?). More perks for starting above 0, more mana gain per turn, or refunding a portion of the mana cost of spells.

There are scrolls that don’t consume turns, and they’re usually marked as such; also, the Sorcery class has the Echo perk, which gives up to a 25% chance to not consume your turn.

@ Danger I hear you, man, but that’d kind of steal the Sorcery class’s thunder - they’re already underpowered as is. As for the second, that would turn the Delusion Occultist (which lets you regenerate 10% MP at the start of each creature’s turn thanks to Magic) into a horridly OP monster.

I am starting to run into this problem as well. I already have 12 pages of scrolls and counting. Like Vagrant I try to make my party very efficient so that the dependency on spells is at the bare minimum. I like his suggestion of burning scrolls to add charges to others.

A suggestion I would like to make is have the option to donate scrolls to the library. Depending on the type of spell and the amount of charges it has the librarian will award you points to each of your resources. Better spells yield higher rewards obviously. Charges on the scrolls should also factor in the reward.

This is an awesome idea.

No. You’re awesome :slight_smile:

We need more resource dumping methods if that is to happen. sitting on 1400K power and like 1000K essence. I can’t out spend it! lol

Upgrade your gems directly at the Temple instead of looking for Gem boxes. You’ll run out of Essence very fast.

I even reduced the Gem Box spawn rate to con everyone into using the new gem upgrade feature. It’s great.


In the beta version, gem boxes had a chance to reduce your gems’ levels. Those were the days!

The days of what, De Beer’s bankruptcy?

I like more ways to spend resources for sure. Not really spending more on the same stuff, though. :stuck_out_tongue: so donating to the library for things other than resources would be awesome.

I can’t use the upgrade gem option yet. Apple sucks so much still stuck on 2.0.9. I really wanna see the new loot system and would LOVE to upgrade my gems by paying! How long has it been since the update was sent threw? Feels like a month gone by lol

It took about 12 days I think which is absolutely insane. But I just received an e-mail from them and it should be out now! Finally you can all get the new creature.

lmao ofcourse after I said that and I went to check… sure enough its out! Woo for 2.0.13! Finally loot won’t be piling up :slight_smile: … Also the new creature is rather really cool! Sure can grow into a beast eating 10 objects alone 100% bonus!