Scroll Recharging

Just had a concept that I want to throw out there: what if each scroll you had equipped gained ritual energy like XP, and whenever they “leveled up” they regained a charge?

Obviously, you could set different thresholds for different spells: run-of-the-mill Bolt spells and Armor effects would be something lower, maybe completing a charge at the same speed as a Gem ritual, while gamechanging effects like Planets or Snow Storm would take almost an entire floor to regenerate, preventing players from just spamming them endlessly.

Such a change would, I think, benefit Sorcery builds tremendously, especially in early game - AND give much more reason to max out Shorter Rituals in the late game, where you don’t really have any more long rituals to do besides Eggs (and if you have more than one of those going at a time, you’re saving them up.)

The concern is that this would promote gameplay where people stop casting spells after they reach 1 charge. Quills are already very concerning for this reason.

Oh, I hope we don’t lose quills… I use maybe four spells at all, so constantly sifting through all the others to find a new scroll with 2 charges on it every time I used the spell would be a bummer.

Quills will stay.

This might be partially psychological. I’ve been playing this way to my own detriment, but now I have tons and tons of scrolls (and quills). Its that RPG mentality where you save the “good stuff” and never use it.