Scrolling in Creatures Menu

When I scroll left or right from creature, the cursor stays at the same place (4th position from the top, say), but this can be a different option if the creature has additional traits. For instance, if I have a Unicorn Vivifier with “Reinvigoration,” and a Plague Alchemist with “Drained” and “Razorsharp,” and if I’m on “manage spell gems” for the unicorn (4th option from the top), when I move to the Alchemist, “View/Unequip Artifact” is highlighted (also 4th option from the top). I hope that makes sense?

It’s probably best if you keep it on the same option, so that I can quickly scroll through and set everybody’s strategy (for instance). As it stands, I sometimes accidentally unequip an item when I mean to set spell gems.