Search for trait item?

Is there a way to search for a particular trait item or find out which god sells it? For example, I’m looking for a Dread Collar from Dread Hound but don’t know where realm it’s located in.

Generally, there is a lot of information on Siralim Ultimate Compendium - Google Sheets
This is a little outdated though (e.g. Azural now sells Yetis instead of Golems), and it seems like no god sells any Hounds or related trait materials.
However, you can always use left/right at the Teleportation Shrine in the Realm Type menu to toggle between viewing Realm Properties and Realm Creatures. Then you can find out that Hounds are exclusively found in Blood Grove :slight_smile:

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I figure I’d have to farm whatever realm the creature belongs to. Maybe the compendium will be updated later. There are lots of trait items I could use to optimize my team. Part of the fun is grinding!