SeaSnakes show up as DireWolves

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    One of the enemy creatures cast a sea snakes spell on another of its creatures. On my turn selecting targets, none of the creatures have SeaSnakes, but one has DireWolves3. I had previously killed a bloodhound in the group, so maybe this has something to do with it?

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If the enemy with SeaSnakes attacked, the SeaSnakes might leave the field after doing so. Also the Blood Hound has an ability that gives it DireWolves at the start of the battle, in addition to giving a random friendly unit 3 DireWolves after it every attack it preforms. Just wanted to mention this, as it might explain why you saw only the DireWolves. :slight_smile:

I realize how DireWolves work (and the annoying bloodhounds…)

The message said one of them gained seasnakes, and then it was my turn. No chance for them to have used the snakes, and they weren’t there…

I will watch to see if it happens again.