Second Nether made, hope it grows strong!

Used a 25 gem violet orb 13 emeralds and 3 each of the other all lv10. Figured this guy would be a great addition to the team. Hope he grows nice and strong lol.

Also plan to give him this ability. Looks like fun!

Use him on a team with a Fallen Carnage and a Raven Acolyte. The Raven reduces everything to half health, the Carnage eats the weakest member, splashes damage to the rest of the enemy team, and every kill he gets weakens his next victim(s). Then your Devil can mop up.

Sounds like a deadly combo! Lol atm im playing around with more the visual appeal for monsters that I like. Using legendary mats to give them awesome abilities. My molten blade is growing nicely! And his special ability is hilarious. He’s always on top and doing big damage with splash. Love it.