Secondary Damage/Defense Calculations?

Do abilities like Refraction or Penant Reprisal or the secondary targets from attacks like Cleave factor in the targets defense when dealing damage? Are these abilities more along the lines of True damage?

For example, will attacking an Alcazar with 100 defense always deal 100 damage back?

Defense only factors into the ‘main’ hit of an attack. Some abilities are affected by this, others aren’t… and it would take a while to list them all. But, I can say that anything that doesn’t use the attack stat isn’t going to be affected by defense (including the extra speed damage calculation). Cleave, Splash, and quite a few skills do use the final damage amount in their calculation. Usually if it says ‘extra damage’, then no defense is taken into consideration. That would include the 150% luck skill, the 50% speed skill, and Calamity. Then you have weird ones like the Mortarman. That one calculates the damage as you would have hit the creature, then distributes it to all the creatures kind of like splash would, but all enemies just take that splash damage.

The best thing to do is just to get familiar with the different skills, because a lot of them have fairly unique rules.

Thanks for the help! I guess I’ll have to look at the wording a bit more carefully for some of these abilities.

Since it’s a mobile game as well, the descriptions are fairly accurate, but had to be short. Even though they’re all fairly well explained now, it’s hard to tell what a bunch of the abilities will do until you see them in action. I like the fact that the abilities are so diverse, but it does make it so there aren’t really general rules.