Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient is too powerful. With spell damage/debuff immunity already in place there are some ways to make a completely invincible nether or almost invincible normal creatures:
Secret Ingredient is one of the “stats do not matter”-traits from Siralim 1. Ironically Slib’s trait from Siralim 1 was fine since you could replicated its effect with pill :wink:

If you want to keep the current version, at least secret ingredient should provide healing immunity. Otherwise here are some simple nether/two creature combos that provide invincibility:

  • Nether Imler with Patch up/Secret Ingredient -> enemy does damage, damage is healed
  • Twin Valkyrie -> two Valkyrie Shieldmaiden next to each other with Secret Ingredient artifact (not completely invincible due to artifact decay)
    These are only the attack trigger healing effects. If you can reduce the number of attacks to below 5/turn (cough Nostalgia cough) you can get away with healing on your turn.
    There are probably more ways to break the game with Secret Ingredient but at least recovering health should not be an option

Personally I would change it to something that keep the spirit from the Siralim 1 trait (something like “Every x battles increase this creature’s gene strength by 1”).

Patch Up should only work if an Imling has it, to be honest. You could also round down when healing so that 20% of 1 is 0.

Also none of those are 100% invincible since Kirisute Gomen can instantly kill Secret Ingredient.

I thought kirisute gomen says exceed 20%?

I’m pretty sure it’s killed mine on full health, but I could be wrong.

That is a 35% chance from a single enemy which can easily be mitigated in any number of ways because you still have 10 trait slots open after setting up your almost invincible creatures.

I agree that “Patch up” should require an Imling though the main problem remains with Secret Ingredient.
Abilities like it that lets you forego stats were one of the main problems in Siralim 1 (together with their respective hoser creatures). There should not be any infinite depth builds because it renders stats meaningless (otherwise it would not be infinte).

Currently Secret Ingredient is the most glaring enabler of infinite depth builds having innate protection from spells and debuffs and making health/defense obsolete.