Hi Zack,

I won’t spoil any secrets here. Let’s just say I found Slib and I have found nothing in his room or by talking to him. Do you have to achieve anything before this character becomes useful ?

I suppose there are other secrets in the castle. I’ll keep looking.

Yes, you do need to achieve something first :slight_smile:

I have completed all 20 creature tier rituals, I am level 104, I have created a nether creature, I have summoned about 30 creatures.

On the list of the things I have not achieved there is : no nether demon yet, only 15 arena wins, only 29 realms level.

Any hint you can give me ? :smiley:

You should probably summon more creatures. Way more.

Thanks for the hint !


I’ve finally achieved what Slib wanted. I have to say I am both proud of the achievement and a bit disappointed by the reward.

On the other hand I find the creature interesting.

Zack, can you tell me if there are other secrets like this one ?

Yes there are.

Fun fact: even though you’re the first person that I know of that has found this one, its ability has been reworked 4 times over the last year.

So there has been several versions of this ability that maybe nobody has ever seen :slight_smile:

I’ll keep looking for other secrets.

OK I’ve checked every single wall, every column, every candlestick and talked to everyone multiple times.

I’ve found a shortcut in the armory, that’s not a big spoiler to write it here because it is easy to find and it is not a big secret.

I’ve found the button that says Activated and Deactivated but I have no clue what it does. You would be very nice to give me a hint about it :slight_smile:

I probably should have specified that the other creatures don’t involve the same process. Sorry to make you run around the castle for no reason :frowning:

You’ll probably find the others on accident at some point. They’re new as of 2.0 anyway.

You don’t have to apologize. I have been wanting to check all the walls and objects for a very long time and sI hould have done so a lot earlier.

What about that activation button ? Any clue about it ?

I doubt anyone will ever figure out what it does, and that’s completely fine :wink:

I was wondering if it was not some debug feature for your personal use :slight_smile:


Just to make things perfectly clear : we players are not supposed to use this button, is that correct ?

I think he is daring us to discover what it does…


That’s not cool to dare us to find something you doubt anyone will ever find :smiley:

At least I’m not the only one driven mad by the curious activated spot… I’ve tried a million things to work out what it might do. Not a single clue has been attained :
Not that I’ll give up trying, mind you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

all I have to say is thats so messed up. I have gone around the castle with it activated and deactivated all sorts of things every last square with all of the wall every object. I still can’t figure it out. I feel it could be really really easy but I’m just missing something really simple cuz I’m trying to make it too complicated.