Serious bug: Insane number of monster cores for a monster I've never seen

I’ve had this happen a few times since upgrading to 2.0.9 earlier today. Android 5.0 on a Galaxy S5 on Verizon. I’ve never seen this monster before, I swear. Certainly not 118 times. After ok’ing the core acquisition on a previous monster (similarly >100 cores theoretically obtained), it didn’t show up in the cores I had collected. Let me know if you’d like more data. Thank you!

Is it possible that this creature was previously a Gimp Mummy that you killed? Gimp Mummies turn into a random creature when they die, and their “nickname” changes as well, so the core count will be for Gimp Mummies and not whatever creature it turns into.

I have 115 gimp mummy cores at the moment. That’s likely the issue.

I can’t seem to rename the topic, sorry. Feel free to remove/delete/change.