Several Ability and Buff/Debuff Related Questions >.<

I will probably have many questions in the future and would greatly appreciate some help. I am a new player but find this game very addicting. I am doing my best at this point to not look at others builds (since that is part of my fun) even though sometimes i see one in my quest for knowledge. However that makes it a bit hard sometimes to find what i am looking for. All help is appreciated.

Sidewinder- it states you get a certain stance after you do something like attack or defend. Does this percentage buff accumulate over time the more i do it aka if i am at a 100 attack from a previous assault stance and then attack again does it calculate from the already buffed attack stance or does it work off the original base ?

Syndrome- Allowing you to deal 50 percent more damage based off of how many debuffs and buffs are on the target. Does it also count for stacking debuffs like fire or poison, if i have fire2 do i get a 100 percent increase ?

Pandemonium Blood- It says after defending enemies lose 10 percent of their defense. Again does this stack/accumulate and secondly in the description it says enemies so does that mean i get to drain all my enemies of 10 percent defense just because one of them defended ?

Sandstone Jewel- Says Creature and imling partner does my partner have to be an imling ? If i use an imling related ability item enchanting material will they somehow sync up * never used the pairing before in general so a bit hazy on how it works* ?

Refraction- Is the damage of abilities like this mitigated or increased by enemy armor/conditions.

Burn- If an enemy is afflicted with burn then someone procs burn again (if it even can) does the ability refresh, increase damage, or replace the original attack modifier with the new creature applying burn ?

Sidewinder Stances do not stack.

Stacks of Fire / Poison do not count as seperate status effects for the purposes of Syndrome.

Pandemonium Blood only activates when the creature using it Defends.

Imling and Imler abilities only function when you have both actual creature types in your party. You cannot have more than one of either (literally, the game won’t let you) and having two Imlers or two Imlings will do nothing. You can have an Imler use an enchantment of another Imler’s ability and double up like that, and vice-versa for the Imling.

Stat-derived damage like the Dryad Proliferator’s (the origin of the Refraction ability) is unaffected by Defense, abilities, provoking, or any other battlefield conditions.

Inflicting Burn on an already Burned target adds a Stack of Burn (increasing damage), refreshes the countdown timer to 5 turns (unless you use a Flamegrip Clutcher, in which case it’s permanent), and the damage will now be based off of whichever inflicting source’s Attack is higher. On the same note, if you inflict Burn with a spell, the resulting damage is based off of the highest Attack among all creatures in your party.

Thanks so much greatly appreciate it.

Though I had a few more while i was waiting on the response.

Do cripple debuffs refresh or stack?

Is it possible to reduce their defense bellow 100 % ?

Also the iron golem ability that increases by 25% attack every time is that stacking or is it to be considered like Sidewinder ?

Sorry for all the questions but kinda stuck in my castle trying to assemble the last bits of my dream team to break past level thirty and i really feel at this point i am looking for a passive ability that increases their attack over time ( i have faith in my defensive line) or a way to significantly reduce armor.

On a side note i noticed there are a lot of on hit debuffs for enchanting i am wondering if i just dont have the materials but i have yet to see any type of non legendary when hit enchants that debuff the attacker.

Cripple can refresh but not stack.

Stat reductions don’t stack additively; instead of two 20% reductions being 40%, you get 36%, and so on. It’s effectively impossible to reduce anything’s Defense to 0, except for the Amaranthine’s, whose ability exchanges Defense for Health.

On the flip side of the coin, that means each attack boost of an Iron Golem’s compounds the last. For example, if it starts with 100 attack, it’ll have 125 after the first, 156.25 the second, ~195 the third, and so on.

When Hit enchantments invariably affect the user and not the attacker, sorry. Most of them are pretty mild stuff too, except for Shell (which I do commonly use). You can get Mend as a constant Rare, though, which is nice.

Increasing Attack over time looks attractive at first but unfortunately your enemies will only get stronger and faster as you get deeper - you’ll need more time as you go, and your enemies will be pressing you harder. I tried it but had limited results.

The inspirit ability coupled with bearer of needs and everything is gone means that you can quickly boost damage on a character.

especially if you have another creature with crawling through knives and again bearer of needs before the inspirit, means you can get 12x 20% boosts before its his turn , which QUICKLY adds up. Basically on your first round (which with topaz attunements is before the enemy) you can almost 9x the original attack on the inspirit creature. If that happens to have calamity as well such as i run it, means that you only need to kill the weekest for a nice chain reaction. Won’t work for infinite depth, but will work quite far down. Just be wary of shell and you can still optimize your damage quite well, and learn what not to hit with your buffers.

And not summoning any topaz paragons means its highly unlikely you wont go first with entire team.

Appreciate the comments been really helpful so far <3.

Thanks random_rolle for the advice sadly at the moment i do not have access to those monsters/legendary mats atm. As far as going before the enemy it never happens for me anymore sadly. I dont use topaz attunements at the moment though i am interested in them because i hear that speed can give you unmitigated damage ? Not entirely sure how that works though (guess that is my next question =P ).

Thankfully i get around that actually using a bit of what Vagrant talked about with Shell. Its a sexy ability and that i get from In Plain View- giving everyone on my team shell for the first team. It might sound crazy at first but i promise it lasts so only 1 person on my entire team dies before i get set up (excited voice). At which point its really rough for them to break through my defensive combo

Thanks Vagrant for the being so nice with the question answering so far. I was hoping i was wrong about the When Hit stuff since i know that the golem creatures have a lot of when hit abilities like (jinx and calm). Was hoping that maybe those existed as lesser percentage chance When Hit enchants.

Right now my team set ups is an Omni-Diety (28 green gems 9 green activations on a green friendly nether orb) who using blazefury , Viper Occultist with butchery, Dryad Proliferator with Steadfast Resilience, Witch Doctor Sacrificer with In Plain View, Pestilence Crafter with Blood Magic (going to change) and a Bone Reaper who will be using Abnegation as soon as my party finishes getting to a decent level (right now using Diamond Attunement).

Planning on making Pestilence Crafter my debuffer with a lot of on hit attacks since i think unlike the other aoe attack abilities his applies the debuff to all 3 targets. Figure between Blazefury and my Viper someone i will either be able to explode them with calamity or ( if he is the one to die) be able to do a war of attrition thanks to my tanks Refraction and Culling Strike mixed with debuffs.

So i guess first new question does Pestilence Crafter proc on hit effects on hits 2 and 3rd targets and secondly does Culling Strike also work on the 2 and 3rd targets. He wont be very strong at first mainly being a debuffer so my Viper Occultist can do some work with Butchery. I would test this one myself since it would be easy to do so but sadly lacking power and essence at the moment my resource stockpile does not like me after i dropped Nightwing Garg (but really i needed that Bone Reaper Debuff).

Question 2- If i rock 2 Blazefury do they start out at Burn2 and have 10 turns of a burn >.> (cuss some monsters just like to watch the world burn).

Second question

Topaz Attunement is the ability of topaz paragon. It makes the row it is in go first. So one on each row and you go first unless they alsow have topaz attunement in which case its back to speed deciding. (Which is why you shouldnt summon topaz paragon, they arent in the wild until you do).

Oh >.< i so want that even if its just for my defensive row. Them going first would be amazing almost worth summoning it in the wild since atm i always go last anyways T_T. At least this time ill have a chance to go first >.<

.< My Omni i put so much work in does not even get 1 calamity off because they all target him even through shell (but at least he still burns !) and his health is super low (he is not leveling as fast as my other monsters for some sick twisted reason).

Oh side note what level do i need to be to reliably get greater sigils from minor sigil battles if i have the minor sigil talent maxed out ? If i have multiple inscribers and the ability Creationism in the team will only one proc ? If more then one does proc will it be on a separate monster or can i get like several sigils from the same soul ?

Major sigils are never guaranteed loot from minor sigils, unfortunately. I tend to do most of my sigils on around floor 50 and still only get them 3/4ths of the time.

Enemies target your creatures according to how much damage they can deal to them - they’ll always target the defensively weakest monster, with priority going to any enemy they can kill. That’s bad for your Deity, obviously, since it’s pure Attack; I’d recommend you either make a Topaz-boosted Witch Doctor and give him the Cloak and Dagger ability, or a Ruby-boosted Pegasi. Either the former goes first and makes your monsters stupidly durable, or the latter absorbs any blow that would kill your Deity. You can also get Topaz Attunement and put your tank in the active row, but that’s meh.

You deal 10% of your Speed as unmitigated damage, what the game refers to as minimum damage. The only thing that can prevent it is Sapphire Paragon, who will allow Defense to negate Speed if it’s high enough to absorb both Attack and Speed.

I’ve never used Pestilence Crafter, but I seriously doubt that it triggers on-hit abilities multiple times, since no other ability in the game works like that. Try it out - if true, I’ll be making a team about it.

Blazefury doesn’t stack, but you can take Blazefury and The Flame that Changed the World, which will increase its damage by 50%.

Ya tested it out sad face again my dreams have been crushed.

Took your advice on the Witch Doctor since during my last response i transmuted a Cloak and Dagger item and a Topaz item ( i really wanted my taunt/refraction dude) but really no reason to considering he does not need to pull off aggro from Witch since he is invisber.

Question about pills, how are they significant. I heard they were a super endgame item but it never mentioned why and when i read the description 1 of any stat seems lackluster when they are so rare ?

I know you cant put the same resource buffs on one item but if you have several on different items do they all add resources or only the highest ? Also does it interact with Nightwing Gargoyle (to poor to not figure out a way to put him in my party)

Pills add Base stats, rather than total. Each level up gives you 20% of your original Base stats, so increasing the Base stat gives you a retroactive bonus for every level that monster’s gained. Due to the way stats are set up in this game, Speed and Luck are the best Pills, since both of those stats are usually under 20, and a <5% boost to your total Speed or Luck is awesome. By the same token, Attack and HP, usually in the 30s-40s, don’t get as noticeable a bump. Defense Pills are garbage except for monsters that proc effects off of their Defense total, since there’s six of them and only one will apply at any given time.

Resource enchantments on multiple artifacts will stack with each other and with Nightwing Gargoyle, thankfully.

At level 300 ish i only lack in essence, all constructions done etc. just need to essence for gems to level them quicker, so besides nightwing all my support monsters have a essence bonus on their artifacts to boost it. It really helps.

Wow Pills sound amazing half tempted to go death for an increase in chance alone .

.< Right now currently life and finding it to be really lack luster pretty much nothing procs of me because of my current build set up (not that i have much invested in it anyway at this point cuss points are still going into resource skills).

Ya honestly most of my stuff is built except monster tiers at this point as well and blacksmith 3 but i am not really inclined to care about that. Ya essence is a main killer for me because leveling gems can get really tedious though i did manage to level about 30 to level 10 by using 100is panda tokens. Planning on stockpiling them again and sacrifice a monster to the RNG gods so i can level up a bunch of gems at once.

I would have responded sooner but my soul got shattered after making my super awesome burn team only for the game to generate Troll Arsonists, mortars, rolling aoe stuns at every arena encounter etc all things that get around my tank T_T. Thankfully i manage to have the items to create a Skeleton Gunmen with Bullet Time. So i can keep most major anti defensive threats locked down. Though that leads me to my next question.

Do Troll Arsonists still proc their ability if they are stunned during their turn ?

Is there a creature ability that clears status conditions from another creature or itself ?

I dont know the name of the ghoul but the red one that gives everyone on my team wrath. If i use scorn on it does the condition on my end imediatly go away or is it stuck or does it take a turn to fade away ?

Last but not least i got a Master Shapeshifter from my constant ritual practices. I made him instantly >.> now possibly thinking this is a mistake >.< does anyone else have problems with him or is he just a threat in my mind?

Troll arsonists proc even stunned yes :confused:

No ability to clear status afaik. Most can be worked around though.

Still takes time to fade away. Sacrificer with cloak and dagger will however still protect you (i use to run stronghold with peneant reprisal with that for a long time).

Havent actually summoned master shapeshifter, but my team would have little issue with most copies as long as it doesnt get topaz attunement, and his row has higher speed than my sacrificer. But some teams can be really messed up by that.

Currently running at 80 ish realm level with same team. Just made a demon but did well with just one nether up to now anyway.
Sacrificer with cloak and dagger. Priest of light with topaz attunement. Raven Acolyte with Bearer of needs.
Pit wraith dominator with calamity. Nightwing demon with topaz attunement. Bone Reaper with curse of the silent.

Obviously the nightwing is exchangeable. Only important bit is that priest of light and raven acolyte are faster than the pit wraith.

Also made a diabolic team but its slower to farm with so not using it atm.

But this time works just as well with a tank, stronghold with penant reprisal (to quicker trigger calamity) instead of priest of lightl. THen toss topaz on sacrificer instead he wont need cloak and dagger with a tank.

i run life as well, mostly just so i dont have to include ancient ent and still avoid 1 shot kills.
(incase something happens to my witch doctor sacrificer).

Even a almost full wipe is recoverable. Just keep defending with witch doctor until your bone reaper dies, then cast requiem to instantly rez your team. I have haunt/doom on the artifacts wielded by the 2 healers and the 2 supporters so they can slowly kill of stuff even if the pit wraith dies.

Its not infinite but it will last a long time.

Ya kind of running a similar set up tank wise atm with a Dryad Proliferator (Steadfast), Witch Doctor Sacrificer (Topaz Attune) i tried the cloak and dagger set up and i kind of liked it.

My main problem with it was the enemy team would just lace my entire team with debuffs. Using a dedicated thorn type tank makes the majority of the debuffs easier to handle even things like doom or haunt (since alot of proc when hit abilities like rebirth , mend etc). Currently using my only nether, Omni Diety who is doing massive work in my current set up since he is still using Blazefury but this time in conjunction with an ability that gives everyone on my team (mainly my tank) molten armor. Deals 20 percent of the enemies current health as damage and keeps the burn debuff rolling.

Which is honestly the most important part for me since i end up alot of the time avoiding trying to attack things in arena and dungeons because of Nature Shapeshifters or provoked monsters who will stun roll your team when you attack. Either that or the enemy will keep glancing all my blows and ill end up dealing 66 damage instead of the 4-6k i was expecting. I am a much happier glider depending on burn since i can depend on it to always tick (unless i run into that weird creature that heals from burn in which case doom debuff ftw ?)

Also using a Bone Reaper +Curse of the Silent. Its not something i can avoid at this point a lot of spells will just insta gib my tank and then my front line like i said tends to fall apart due to debuffs even if they can keep provoke chains going to keep the enemy off my Sacrificer.

Honestly though if i ever freaking find an actual Stronghold ill probably throw in a Necropolis stone and switch over to poison since even though they are similar at least so far from what i have seen i can stack the poison effect faster and take advantage of it more with less abilities. Heck there are a lot of abilities out there that just instantly kill the target one of them has like a 70 percent chance at a 10 stack of poison which you can easily get within the first round of turns.

I also find it really award that everyone seems to be able to find the item for calamity but i had to kind of go the other way on that one and get an Omni instead since he appeared on my like 4th tier and was just destroying worlds.

Like literally the only main problem i have are things like Arsonists (since for some odd reason they “randomly” hit my creatures in the perfect correct order for me to not pull off a rez or get any benefit from the calamity damage). Mortars speak for themselves thankfuly i can keep them repressed pretty easily for the most part with a Skeleton Gunmen with Bullet Time ( he also shoots out tun of status debuffs). The only other thing is those stupid Wrath Ghouls.

Its depressing to hear that even if i do run Scorn i have to wait for Wrath to fall off for me to be able to regroup.

Also are diabolic teams really that slow i was thinking of making one myself (really interested in the tribe feel and the fact its the only creature i have found that has an actual link ability).

They arent that slow, but my other team currently kills everything before the enemies get a turn.

I run 5 watchmen and a demonic intruder. THe intruder has crux as demonic ability (the link for diabolics)
Then i run everything is gone, 2xanomaly, the demonic has blood magic on its weapon (10% health for 150% of that as attack).

Frostfire + undone. So high hp and missing hp is both damage and defense on all. ANd the demonic also sacrifices more hp for attack which gives double benefit. (losing say 10k health out of 100k gives him 15k attack from blood magic and also adds 10k attack /defense from the buffs).
MOstly anomaly kills stuff, demonic dude is slowest being lowest level so he can take care of any straggler thats left alone, even though the anomaly watchmen hit fairly hard in them selves too thanks to frostfire and undone.

THat being said, my current team has spells and death abilities locked out for enemies and always goes first, giving me the edge that diabolics lack. Meaning annoying spells / status effects can slow me down a lot. They still win though.

Another themed team i was thinking of is bats with the ability of raven batmaster that makes your bats deal 20% of attack as damage when it attacks. Maybe a mix of useful bats with that ability on a few of them (for the unmitigated damage). But you would need something to increase attack over time, maybe honed blades or inspirit.

I am a big fan of themes.

Unfortunatly it seems that inspirit doesnt actually check for heals, it checks if your health precentage is higher then before. Meaning crawl through knives + bearer of needs doesnt actually trigger inspirit even though the wording suggest it should.

Sounds interesting. Going to have to try it some time.

Going to figure out how to make my burst damage higher in the group i have. Makes me sad face that wrath can wreck me so badly that the only option i have is to try and kill them first. In arena managed to get to lvl 35 and then all the game seemed to throw at me is Wrath Ghouls, those wyverns that give u scorn and monsters with actual artifacts with scorn >.> (not sure if its a thing but it felt like a thing.

Played perfectly though and my Skeleton Triggerman with Bullet Ride was a champ locking down entire groups for several turns while the other one (sat their useless cuss he couldn’t defend to use timebomb </3). Looking into Minotaur Behometh right now it apparently removes all debuffs on itself when provoking but not sure if Wrath will auto stop him from provoking in the first place. If it does i will still be sad face because my second real nether creature i invested into was my Dryad Proliferator.

All that time leveling gems gone </3.